Building Speculatively or Building Smart?

The Mills Hollinwood Limited Continue with Oldham Build

The Mills Hollinwood Limited Build in Oldham

With the office market in North Manchester and much of Greater Manchester in the doldrums it may seem strange to be building top quality offices in Oldham, but our clients, The Mills Hollinwood Limited are driven, inspired and passionate people with an eye on the prize.

They know that Oldham has few quality offices and hasn’t seen any speculative office development for well over 10-years.  A considerable amount of the office space in the Town Centre is old, in poor condition and not suitable for modern businesses.

The Rothwell Family have owned this strategic site at Hollinwood for approximately 20-years and have wanted to create a new business park suitable for modern office occupiers.  Frank Rothwell is head of the family and is a star of T.V. reality shows. And, is currently THE oldest man to ever row the Atlantic with plans this year to try and beat his own record!

Frank Rothwell at the helm

Frank is not just a TV personality, he is also a smart businessman and the businesses which he built continue to go from strength to strength in the capable hands of Su Schofield and Luke Rothwell, his offspring. The Rothwell Family’s enthusiasm is contagious.

There site is strategically placed alongside the M60 and the A62 with shopping facilities within easy walking distance and a Metrolink tram station giving access into Manchester in less than 10 minutes. The site continues to prove Frank’s theory that this is the “best site in Greater Manchester“.

The first phase of the scheme is an individual office building which has been christened ‘Annie Kenney Mill’, in reference to Oldham’s own suffragette Annie Kenney, it is a homage to the social heritage of the town.

The building is a three storey, 20,000 sq. ft. unit with suites available from 2,130 sq. ft.

Annie Kenney Mill – Oldham

The history of Oldham states that it was the ‘cotton spinning capital’ of the world at one time and numerous mills were built by the first phase of entrepreneurs.  At one point the Oldham mills had 16.4 million spindles in a total of 58 million in the UK. 

The town of Oldham has produced in the past, sewing machines; the first cotton mill; the largest engineering works in the World, i.e: Platts; and Wellington and Lancaster Bombers.

This site which was the base of Ferranti who made radios, televisions and record players and who were the first company to develop a commercial computer.

What this scheme shows is that the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well in Oldham, and we are recycling a site for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

It is hoped that Annie Kenney Mill will help to nurture such talent in the local area.

The Annie Kenney Mill office building will be ready this Autumn.

If you’d like to enquire about this property please contact us at:

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