NR Bring Aldi to Bacup

Back in 2013, our team of Chartered Surveyors were heavily involved with bringing Morrisons to Bacup, and now we’re delighted to help bring Aldi to the town to.

More-reasons to shop in Bacup

Six years of painstaking planning work went on behind the scenes for the Morrisons site. Our team identified the site had potential and over a period of months we met regularly with all the landowners and agreed options.

It was our Director Paul who carried out all the site assembly negotiations – whatever the weather.

The morrisons development saw the regeneration of a derelict site and buildings, producing over 100 new jobs in the town.

Before and after images of Morrisons site development

Before and after site development – Morrisons Bacup, Rossendale (Photo credit: Rossendale Free Press)

This was a sustainable scheme as it involved a brownfield site and allowed Bacup and Stacksteads residents to shop locally for food, rather than have to make the journey to Rawtenstall, Burnley or Todmorden.

Aldi get the go ahead

We can now announce that over 8 years later, we’ve successfully brought another supermarket to Bacup with Aldi receiving planning permission for a store on the Former Forest Mill site. Again, we’ve been heavily involved, acting this time for the landowner of the derelict mill site.

Our Director Paul Nolan, originally born in Rossendale and with family links across the area, firmly believes that:

In order to bring sustainable development to Bacup Town Centre and create jobs, the development would have to be linked to multiple food retailers.

Bringing Aldi to Bacup will create over 50 jobs and provide consumer choice. It will also encourage residents to shop locally rather than travelling to larger towns nearby.

Paul Nolan, Nolan Redshaw Director
aldi bacup before developmentaldi bacup proposed after development
Aldi site Forest Mill – Before and proposed (Photo credit: Rossendale Free Press)

The new 20,000 sq. ft., Aldi store has been granted permission and is due to start on site before the end of the year.

There has been mention of Supermarkets ‘killing off’ the independent retailers, but taking Rawtenstall and Ramsbottom as examples, both these previous market towns have thrived with increased foot traffic through the town since the redevelopments. Both have strong independent retail sectors that have thrived and we believe Bacup will be the same.

The NR team are delighted that this regeneration can now go ahead. Our Lancashire based team of Chartered Surveyors couldn’t be prouder of the work that’s been done so far and hope that this will bring further regeneration and interest to the town alongside increased jobs and long-term rejuvenation.

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