2018 the year of legislation

Just when any normal minded person thought that it was safe to reflect on the potential reduction in red tape as we depart the EEC, the two pieces of legislation that have been a long time coming are about to start to bite.

MEES i.e. Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, have just come into force for new-lets and will be introduced for all existing tenancies on 1st April 2020 and this will mean that older and less energy efficient premises will not be lettable without improvements being carried out.

Image result for EPC

It is obviously a strong attempt from the EEC to reduce energy usage and as usual the U.K will adopt it with vigour, despite it being seen by many as unnecessary.

The second one of course is the General Data Protection and Privacy Regulation, this seems to require Surveyors to contact people who requested to be on their mailing list to confirm if they still want to be on their mailing list, despite the fact that they had already requested to be on the mailing list.  There must be some logic in this but as usual, following the old sledge hammer to crack a nut formula, the proposed regulation already seems to be causing panic in the commercial property industry to a certain extent and for what effect?

Image result for data protection

From a personal perspective I am left thinking along the lines that I have better things to do, but like everybody else, I will no doubt be concerned enough to adhering rigidly to its requirements.

Roll on Brexit!

Written by our Graduate Surveyor, Harry Bowers

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